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About Us


Taiba Jewellery Company is one of the biggest leading companies in Egypt mainly in Cairo in the field of jewellery and has cooperated with El-Gulf Jewellery Company since 1992.

After their succession, Taiba began to build its own name, and it opened its first jewellery store (#239) in Maadi Grand Mall in 2000.

The name started to grow fast and became one of the most popular shops in a short period in the market for jewellery.

After five years, we expanded by opening a diamond store (#207), which is also located in the Maadi Grand Mall.

In 2015, we opened our third store (#22 Building S4) in New Cairo’s Downtown Mall, which houses our two jewellery and diamond collections.

For more than 19 years, our company’s history and goals show that we are always seeking the best products and services for our valuable customers by expanding in the markets and offering them the best products from big factories in the field.

Taiba jewellery… Makes memories